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Did your team use PTC?

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  • Did your team use PTC?

    I was curious to know what other teams have done using PTC this season. If you used it, was it for design, the engineering notebook, or both? Did you use it to digitally test any mechanisms?

    Thanks for the input,
    Mr. B

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    Our team used PTC's software. New Jersey had a PTC award this year, which is a special award given to teams who build their robot in steps, and submit these steps in Windchill to NJ FTC. Out of the nine teams who participated, five of them were selected for the special award. Our team was one of those five. We did not use the software to design our robot, the work was mostly a secondary effort, since our team is one that builds first, and designs later (I'm sure many teams are also this way). We wrote engineering notebook entries, to show our efforts to judges in other states. Digital testing of a mechanism would be extremely difficult, and would involve usage of Mechanica, which I do not think we are given a license of (PTC: That's a hint for next year).
    Max Bareiss

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      We used the Pro-Engineer software they gave us to do the initial design of the robot. We build an initial chassis and used the program to illustrate our ideas and plan what we would actually build at several steps in the robot's assembly. This seemed to really impress the judges (we taped screenshots of the model into the engineering notebook), so we will definitely keep doing it!


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        Our team used both PRO-E and Autodesk Inventor. We find that Autodesk Inventor is a lot more user friendly than PTC, so we used that to assemble the majority of our bot. However, PRO-E was useful in creating several of our robot's custom parts, and then we ported those files over to Inventor.

        We used this suite for both design and the engineering notebook, as well as displays in the pit, and even to create a CAD video demonstration of our robot.
        We originally designed the bot in Inventor before even building it in real life, and we were able to test our baton collection system in there as well. We have rendered drawings of the entire bot, as well as subsections of the bot such as the chassis, the baton collection system, the baton dumping system, etc... We have full fledged Size C drawings that we bring to competition, and the video is linked below.

        Again, we used both PRO-E and Inventor, but I can vouch that Inventor is much more efficient, powerful, and user friendly.

        CAD Video:
        Ray Kholodovsky
        Electronics Department,
        Lancer Robotics Team #3415


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          I've downloaded PTC a week ago, but the program wasn't as good as I hoped. So, I downloaded Autodesk Inventor instead. This program is so awesome and so much better than PTC, so we'll be using this for the next season!

          Team 3813

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