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Last Chance for New Teams to Claim Free FTC TIPS Book

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  • Last Chance for New Teams to Claim Free FTC TIPS Book

    Hello FTC Teams,

    The response to our offer to provide any new FTC team in the USA with the book "FTC Robotics: Tips, Tricks, Strategies, and Secrets" has been tremendous with over 130 new teams claiming their book so far. We have also received emails from across the country telling us that the book was a great asset. In addition, over 100 copies have sold from, where the book has a perfect "5" star rating right now! Just search Amazon for this term: FTC TIPS

    But all good things must come to an end. The offer for new teams ends on November 15, 2010. If your team formed this year, meaning you have a team number over about 4000 or a temporary number, then please email your adult mentor contact name, team number, and a shipping address to [email protected] and we will ship you your free copy. It's that easy!

    Veteran teams or rookies who want additional copies for team members: is now discounting the book all the way down to $8.60. It also qualifies for Prime and other shipping promotions on Amazon. Multiple reviewers have stated that the book will help both new and veteran teams alike. Any royalties we receive are used to defray expenses for the free rookie book program and other community outreach activities. For less than half the price of a single servo motor you get a comprehensive volume packed with information used by several champion teams. One coach told me that a single tip he read in our book would have saved his team several losses last season.

    We are starting work on the next edition this coming week! If you have your own suggested tips, tricks, strategies, or secrets, or if you find errors, omissions, or places in the book that need clarification, you and your team may receive credit in the next book as well as free copies of whatever edition contains your material (if we use it) by simply emailing your suggestions to [email protected]

    Thanks, and have a great season!

    Steve Pendergrast
    [email protected]
    FTC Teams 247, 248, 4391
    Pope John Robotics
    Sparta, NJ