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When To Start a New Engineering Notebook

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  • When To Start a New Engineering Notebook

    Our 2013-2014 competition season ended two weeks ago at Regionals. It was quite a season.

    We continue to meet and discuss off season activities and plans for being better prepared in September. We're planning community events and skill development.

    When do we start our new notebook for next season? Now or at kick-off in the fall?

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    You can start your notebook as early as you want. We started ours for this year in May of 2013, and we're almost done through with our second notebook this season.
    Lead programmer for FTC team #6424, the 'Oly Cow.


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      We started ours the day after state. We reflected on what we could do better with robots in the future and also how we did in judging. From the moment you are done with the current season the new season has already started for learning and outreach. You can see what you learned and how to apply it to the next competition.


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        You should start a new engineering notebook the beginning of each season. The engineering notebook is a crucial part of FTC. The notebook is considered evidence for all teams. Without the notebook you will lose a big chunk of points when being judged. The notebook is a daily basis summary of what your FTC team did and accomplish. When you are being judged the people who judge you read your notebook to see how you made your robot, what outreach you did, etc. If you did many thing like gracious professionalism, outreach, and etc., it wouldn’t be documented in the notebook and the judges more likely will not believe you unless you have evidence. If you need help on the notebook, I will be happy to help to help you out. There are two types of notebooks, you can have a typed notebook in a 3 ring binder, or the one provided in the beginning of each season, if your team buys the official kit. -Team 5339 The W.A.L.K.E.R.S (Read bio for contact info) Good luck on this season.


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          depends on your activity

          If you're just meeting for team building activities or skill building, I'm not sure that's as relevant to this coming year's robotic journey. It is my assumption the team will include 1 page of "summer work" like summer programming sessions they were involved in or the CAD training they did, but it will not be single entries for each activities.

          Our team does include all volunteer and outreach activity as the next season, once we end our game season for that year. We put outreach in a separate section of our notebook; Not that matters as much with the online and printed notebooks as it once did with the hand written ones.