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Question on BOM format

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  • Question on BOM format

    My group is writing up our bill of materials and did not understand the section of the above format that asked about the game rule or forum reference. Does this only apply to parts of the robot are limited or does this apply to all robot parts. Can anyone clarify this.

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    The "game rule or forum reference" asks you to provide the game manual rule (or official forum post, as the forums are an extension of the manual) that says that the part you're using is legal. Everything that isn't Lego, Tetrix, or a fastener (screws, tape, velcro, etc.) needs to go in your BOM, and, for each type of item, you need to provide the relevant rule. For example, if our robot had a linear slide (and it just might ), I would cite "Game Manual Part 1: <R05.a>" (the line in the rules that says COTS linear slides can be used on the robot). I have our BOM for last year here- it has more examples, including a citation or two for a forum ruling.

    Hope that helps!
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      I'm confused on the bill of materials: Are we supposed to include this in the notebook, the ftc website does not have a sample BOM.
      Can someone post the link to where the FTC website mentions a bill of materials? Thanks so much!


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        The Bill Of Materials was required in previous seasons but is not required this season.