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  • CAD?

    Is any team using CAD to design their robot? If yes, which one and are there any resources for kids to learn it?


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    The two big ones that I know of are Fusion360 and Solidworks. Both are available for free, but you have to apply to get the free licenses for Solidworks. I'm​​​​I'm more familiar with Fusion360 and I know there are lots of online tutorials for it. I'm sure there are for Solidworks as well.


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      Our team uses OnShape. You have to get educational licenses (but they are free for all students and mentors on a FIRST team). It works completely in a browser and you can share documents between team members which makes it an excellent choice.


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        We use Fusion360. Had a long debate between that, SolidWorks, and a few others. Fusion won out b/c (1) we had a few seniors who already had used it in school, so they could help others, and (2) the minimum machine specs aren't so crazy.
        Note, Autodesk provides all of their related packages free for FTC teams, so there's a whole ecosystem there.


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          +1 for Fusion360. In terms of organization, we have a 'project' for the current season and another 'project' that serves as a library of parts from various vendors. The cloud based nature of Fusion and it's minimum system requirements are very helpful.

          This does not apply to all teams, but students can also design custom parts in Fusion and then move over to the CAM suite and machine them out on our CNC router.


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            Another advantage (IMHO) of Fusion 360 are the vast numbers of training videos available on YouTube. Everything from Autodesk employees (Lars Christensen and Brad Tallis to autodesk themselves

            Combine this with specific channels for example 3D printing with Maker's Muse ( or full CNC with NYC CNC ( Plenty more examples.

            One caution though. The menu interface on Fusion has gone through a pretty strong revision a couple months back. Some of the older videos will have buttons in different places. The names are (mostly) the same, so it's just a small speed bump. They've also added the ability to have teams work on projects which goes beyond just the ability to (cloud) share a design project.
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              We use Fusion 360 and I also teach Engineering at the high school level. I have incorporated this tutorial into my classes and use it with our team to get the basics.

              I like it because the tutorial sides of it use FTC components and examples and then the challenge activities us FRC examples. It also includes instructor videos which let inexperienced users see what the final process/product should look like.

              Lesson 1-3 is the basic setup and then with lesson 4 they really get into the design work.