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New team from FLL. Is there any judge interview in competition?

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  • 10298Programmer
    Hi crfxcrfx, I'm not a FTC coach but my team moved up from FLL and I coach an FLL team, so I think I can answer your question. There is a judging session, but unlike FLL where it's distinctly divided into various sections (core values, robot, etc.) it's all done at once. Your team gives a presentation, highlighting various points that could win them an award (there's a list of the awards and what they require in Game Manuel Part 1). Essentially, you try to qualify your team for these awards. Later during the day, judges will come by your pits and ask your team more questions about various things you mention in your presentation. These judges are deciding which teams get those awards. So it's always a good idea to have a few team members at the pits if you can to answer these judges.

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  • New team from FLL. Is there any judge interview in competition?

    Hi, we are new FTC, from FLL. I am still not so clear the procedure of the competition. What is different from FLL? I know we should turn in Engineering notebook. Besides, is there any interview section on the competition day like FLL? Thanks.