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  • legal move?

    An opposing team deliberately placed a scoring element in our landing zone causing us to violate rule GS3 (We had 2 elements loaded and were forced to contact the element placed in our landing zone in order to score in the lander. We were charged with controlling three elements.). The opposing team argued that we could have unloaded an element and simply pushed the element they placed in our area out of the way and technically we were not forced to violate GS3. We feel the team violated G19 "A Team Can Not Force an Opponent To Break a Rule." Do our opponents also violate G29, "Illegal Use of Game Elements"? Or, is G29 only applied to building impenetrable walls or the like? So, the question is, did our opponents violate G19 OR G29 as a defensive strategy or did we break rule GS3 by refusing to unload before removing the third element?

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    Hello 13836,

    What happened to Gracious Professionalism? I would argue that G19 is valid but it is hard to prove intent. Was it clear that their strategy involved making you violate a rule? Their argument appears to show intent to have you break the rule.

    Did the referees rule against your team? If they ruled against you, their day would be extremely busy and stressful keeping track of which team has two elements and if they bump into stray minerals in the field, not just under the lander. That interpretation seems impractical to me.

    Check answer #5 in the link below. It seems to support that you should not have been assessed the penalty for GS3. But it appears to depend on the referee's assessment of the situation.

    Too bad your team had to run into that. I'm fairly certain that this type of strategy is not what FIRST encourages with their participants.


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      First, anything you hear on this thread will be unofficial. If you want an official answer, ask your question on the official Q&A thread.
      GS3 says you can't Control or Possess more than 2 minerals, but the definition of Control lists a specific exception for Plowing (which is specifically listed as OK = not Controlling). In our region at least, if your robot holds two minerals and then you drive to the lander to score them and, while driving, plow through another mineral or two, there is no GS3 penalty.