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Handling the robot after Init is pressed

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  • Handling the robot after Init is pressed

    Does anyone know if handling the robot is allowed after Init is pressed?

    The team's strategy is to pull the lift motor up completely (stalled out with 10% command) to prevent the arm from drifting down prior to starting Autonomous. The motor is set to 10% torque during the initialization before the robot is latched to the lander. Once initialization is completed, a team member lifts the bot up and places it onto the lander.

    My concern is that this may not be allowed. Does anyone know?


    This is a follow on question to:

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      Thanks for responding C4FTC.

      I saw that official ruling but the situation there is a bit different. The team that asked the question is hands off after they press Init. In my team's case, they have to lift the bot up to latch after Init is pressed.

      So it boils down to whether there is a rule around handling the bot after Init is pressed. Is there such a rule preventing this? I can't find one specifically saying yes or no. They may disallow this for liability reasons during the tournaments (in case the bot malfunctions for some reason and the motors are enabled).


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        At events in our region, teams seem to be able to do whatever they need to do on and off the field to initialize their robots, including running a program (through init or play) to assist the robot to get into its initial latched position. Teams obviously must be able to touch/hold a robot to put the robot on the field and move it into its initial position, and I have seen no rulings that prohibit the robot from having any program run during this procedure.
        But if you're really worried, ask an official question on the Q&A forum. Good luck!


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          I have seen and asked this to match referee - you can place robot on field then press init and then hang. Just do no touch phone once you press init


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