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Does game end at begining of buzzer or the end of buzzer sound

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  • Does game end at begining of buzzer or the end of buzzer sound

    The end of game buzzer is a fairly long sound. Some robot teams are still getting off the floor at the beginning of buzzer and continue lifting until fully up. How far off the floor must the robot be at the beginning of end of game buzzer?

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    To the best of my knowledge, the game ends when the buzzer ends.


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      I don't believe this has been addressed in the official answer forums. I would suggest that you ask this kind of question at the driver's meeting at the start of the tournament. It is a pretty detailed question but can be critical for some teams. Asking then will give you the answer used for that tournament and help ensure that all the refs will be on the same page.


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        If the question is specific to hanging then what matters is clock time. Robot should be above ground to the extent that it is noticeable by earthlings at 0.00


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          Putting my referee hat on... I am making the call when I hear the buzzer at the start of the buzzer. If the sound system is not working then us referees are counting down out loud. Unless I see a post on the official question forum , my call is based on the start of the sound and not the end of the sound. The sound is initiated at 0.00 and ends after 0.00. The judgement time of not touching is at 0.00