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Rover Rukis Calculator - Web based, No Download Needed

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  • Rover Rukis Calculator - Web based, No Download Needed

    Check out the Rover Rukus Calculator!

    Free for Everyone!
    Team Phoenix Force started to develop this just for our team, but in the spirit of Gracious Professionalism quickly decided to make it available for everyone!

    Responsive Web Design
    Works on your Phone -and- PC / Tablet computer! "Responsive" web design means it changes how it looks based on your device size. Try it out and let us know that it works for you!

    Score Four Teams at Once
    Can easily score all the teams in a match at the same time!

    Export your Scores
    Can save your Scores to Excel or to PDF. Functionality varies based on device, so please verify that this works on your device.

    Use when "Interviewing" Teams
    When looking for partners at your tournaments, this is a quick and easy way to go around and record other teams capabilities to make the best alliances !

    Sortable/Searchable Scores
    Can sort and search based on your saved Scores.
    Team Phoenix Force - FTC 10100

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    Awesome!!! Thanks!!!