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Wiring conversion process

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  • gof
    Alec already provided the link to the wiring guidelines. I'd also recommend you look at the robot wiring guidelines found here: as well as look at Game Manual 1 for the specific wiring gauge requirements <RE14>. Here's my 2 cents on supplies.

    Depending on your financial resources, I'd recommend getting one of the 15/30/45 kits with the crimper. The crimper makes quick work of the connections with no second guessing. We purchased the 301 piece kit directly from Powerwerx ( but they do make a smaller kit that's less expensive. At our initial order we also ordered some of the zip cord in a few different gauges for making jumpers, and for convenience some extra battery fuses. Remember to REMOVE the fuse from the holder when putting on the powerpole connectors. If you don't, you run a very real risk of shorting out the leads as you're cutting the old Tam connectors off and putting on the powerpoles. DAMHIKT! You'll also need to fabricate new ends or adapters for your battery charger(s). About a year after we ordered the original kit, we ordered an additional set of connectors ( and Since motors and the like only need 18 gauge wires, those will be 15A connectors. You'll need 30A connectors for the batteries since the wires are much bigger. I'd also recommend you use a larger gauge (12 or 14) for your connection from the battery, through the switch, to the REV to minimize any voltage drop issues during high load conditions.

    With the switch to REV, the question of the powerpoles seems to be primarily limited to main power (battery to REV) since the other connectors would require additional adapters. We're looking for a good method to do motor crimps with native REV connectors (JST VH). Or you could just use the XT30 connectors that REV is using for battery but I don't think they lock as well (nor would they fit the larger wires on the batteries).

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  • Alec
    The amperage of the Powerpole contact determines the diameter of the barrel of the contact. Choose a size of barrel that is the snuggest fit for the wire (or wires) that you are crimping.

    In the attached Power Distribution Harness, 15A contacts are used for the single crimps and 30A contacts are used for the double crimps. Your will rarely need 45A contacts.

    Wire guages are specified in <RE14>.j of game manual part 1.

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  • GladiatorsCoach
    started a topic Wiring conversion process

    Wiring conversion process


    So, my team has decided that wherever possible they would like to convert to Anderson Power Pole connectors. I, of course, am fully on board with this, but want to make sure we approach this change logically and safely. There are few areas that I am seeking advice on.

    1. What gauge of wire should be used for power (motor, battery, etc.)? I see so many different options when looking at vendors for these materials. I know that we need to be using 18 gauge as a minimum, but what are other teams doing?

    2. What size Power Pole connector do we use? The kits I have seen on the Andy Mark website cover the gamut of 15, 30, & 45 amp connections, but do we need all of these or do we focus on just one?

    3. Where is the best place to buy our supplies? I see the materials all over the net; Andy Mark, Amazon, Ebay, etc.

    3. Lastly, some general lessons learned would be most useful! What worked and what did not? With a limited budget we want to avoid pitfalls if we can.

    If we can make this work, we may even expand to include servo connections as well, but we'll see how this goes.

    Thank you in advance for any help provided!