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    I posted this question in the official forums on 11-8 and as of today, close to 2 weeks later, it is still sitting as unapproved and we need a ruling to make a decision as this is pertinent to our build. I know this is not an official spot for an answer but i'm open to suggestions at this point as to if you think this would be legal or not.

    The question was: We know that phones need to be mounted in a way that they are visible to the FTA during the competition. We wanted to mount our phone horizontal where 1/2 of the display would be visible during pre-match setup as our deposit device would be folded into a storage position covering up the other half. After the start of the match the deposit device would rotate into it's position where it would remain for the entire match and in it's game position you would be able to see the entire phone and reach it throughout the entire match. Would this be a legal placement of the phone?

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    Where do you see that the phones need to be visible to the FTA during the competition? I just did a search for "phone" on both game manuals and didn't come up with anything.


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      Per current rule <RG03>:

      <RG03> Robot Controller Mount – It is recommended the Robot Controller be accessible and visible by competition personnel...

      Prior to Relic Recovery season, the rule said "The Robot Controller MUST be accessible and visible by competition personnel..."

      Accessible and visible is no longer a requirement; just a recommendation.
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        Phone visibility is not requirement for this season afaik


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          Let me know if I am wrong as our phone is not 50% visible most of the time


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            The reason for the recommendation is this - our Techncial Volunteers (Field Tech Advisors, etc) want to be able to see what's going on if your robot fails mid match. If they can't see the phone, it's much harder for them to help you out.



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              I volunteer as FTA as often as possible, it's a recommendation but teams don't always follow that for various reasons. If a robot is disabled during a match, teams can basically only try restarting the robot on the DS or reopening the DS app. If the reward is greater than the risk, that's a trade off for the team to decide, imo.