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Wow! Michigan is doing awesome!

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  • Wow! Michigan is doing awesome!

    I came across the website late last year. I just checked it today and there are already Rover Ruckus scores. Of the top 10 scores, Michigan has 9 of them. Of course, there are probably limited scores available so far, but the scores themselves are impressive. There is one perfect autonomous score of 160 (80 for both alliance partners, apparently) and a few 150s. There is one TeleOp score in the top ten of 117! Wow, great job! All of the top 10 have a perfect end game score of 100.

    Cool website to see what scores are coming in from different areas. I thought we were in pretty good shape for this stage of the game, but these folks are coming in with great scores already.

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    Michigan has already had two weeks of qualifiers. Few if any other regions have had anything other than some league meets - so you can expect MI to have the bulk of all the data - top 10 and otherwise. It is a crazy schedule in MI - FTC can only be junior high students, qualifiers run from first weekend in November to 1st or 2nd weekend in December (12/8 this year), there are 530+ teams, and our state/regional championship is 12/15. With the elimination of super regionals, we are then done until worlds.


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      Wow, we haven't had our first league meet yet! It is scheduled for December 1!