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    What are teams in other states paying for registration fees? I know we all pay the same $275 for the US FIRST registration. I just got my invoice from FIRST Washington for $882 for this season. This seems pretty steep considering my team's overall budget is only $3000. Add in the national registration, phones, field structure, transportation and there isn't much left for actual robot parts.

    Apparently there is a grant for teams in WA to bring this cost down, but missed applying for. I haven't gotten much other info from FIRST WA about why this is so expensive or how the grant recipients are determined. Are other teams in WA paying this much?

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    We pay $100 for a Qualifying competition and $125 for States. Since we were lucky enough to get 2 tournaments and hopefully will go to States - that's only $325. Are you in a league or district? If you have district play of 4+ matches, I could see the added expense.

    I do know that the Orange Banners are very expensive, and to keep costs down, Michigan only gives them out at the State Competition for Inspire. ( I COVET an Orange Banner. )


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      Thanks for your response. WA does league play. We compete in 2 league events (10-15 teams) and then an "Inter-league Championship" (2-3 leagues combined). Success at the inter-league level determines if we move on to state or not. I don't know about the Orange Banners that you speak of.


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        It really depends on how your local FIRST partner is set up. In MN we have a non-profit that runs everything for us. They do an AWESOME job and get a lot of grants from area companies that covers much of the cost. We pay $175 for a qualifying tournament (can register for 2 if you want) and it was $300 for state last year. But that doesn't even begin to contribute to the salaries of the staff people they have - that comes out of the grants they get.


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          Arizona has their qualifiers set on a scale. 1st: $150, 2nd $100, 3rd $75. If you go to a November Qualifier, you get the first qualifier for $75. States is $225 this year.

          My teams are running 3 qualifiers and State each, at $475 a team. So $950 for both of my teams for the season (Minus Worlds if we get there)
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