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Collision avoidance

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  • Collision avoidance

    With all of the movement during autonomous, collisions are almost inevitable. In particular, both alliance partners will be placing their team marker in a relatively small area at or near the same time. Also, parking in the crater is a great unknown since theoretically all 4 bots could attempt to park in the same crater.

    Any ideas on ways to avoid collisions?

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    Develop a couple of path options. Discuss with alliance partners in advance of qualification matches and see what fits best. Send out other team members to watch your opponents during matches and note what their autonomous does. Now you're armed with data and can make informed decisions. Okay so sometimes it's still going to be an autonomess!


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      Thanks for the input! We have considered those options. Competition days are usually pretty hurried and stressful. Working out path options with all alliance partners is an option, but will certainly be challenging with the hectic schedule. I had not thought of scouts on the opponents for their routes. I knew they would not be likely to volunteer the information. Also, they could also have various programs, so the route the scouts noted may or may not be the one they use in your competition.

      I have also considered pool noodles zip-tied to the outside frame to minimize damage in the case of a collision. We have a little wiggle room on the 18 inch cube, so that may be an option. A bit on the ugly side, but an option, nonetheless!


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        Putting a delay in some of your auto routines is another strategy, so your partner will be gone before you try to do your tasks. I don't think bumpers are required. Robots usually go fairly slowly in order to be accurate. However, tipping and entanglement would ruin the whole match.


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          I think ball side robot should use alliance crater while block side go to opposing alliance crater. Drawback is block side robot will waste few seconds in teleop to return back to alliance zone for scoring but if all do this then less chance of collisions