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GS11 Very vague, obstructing is not a defined term

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  • GS11 Very vague, obstructing is not a defined term

    I cannot post in the game rules Q&A for some reason. So here goes.
    "Robots may not obstruct another Robot's path of travel in the area between the Lander and a Crater for more than 5 seconds."
    If a robot has expanded to 36" wide and wants to drive between the crater and the lander, do you have have to move to get out of its way since there is no room for them to go around since they are so wide?
    If there is room for an 18"x18"x18" robot to go past the lander while you are in the area between the lander and the crater, but they want to go exactly where you are, are you obstructing another robot's path of travel?
    In years past if there was another path they could take to get to objects then it was not considered blocking. What is the difference between blocking and obstructing?

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    Obviously this isn't an official Q&A answer, just an opinion.
    It's a choice to expand horizontally and perhaps a strategic option during match play to vary the expansion. I think the expanding bot will be in violation of blocking rules sooner than you'll be in violation of crater-lander travel rules. Either way with an expanding robot like that our team would just drive right through it and spin it around provided they weren't in the act of collecting or scoring. The intent of <GS11> isn't to permit expansion robots to obstruct another robot's path under the guise of being obstructed themselves, which is essentially what you've described.


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      G18 requires robots to move back 36" after a blocking incident. Presumably because it is fairly common for a robot to expand beyond the 18" cube. Even a simple arm makes a robot bigger than 18" cube and the rules have no concept of width vs. length. Therefore if you only leave 18" gap and expect to be immune to GS11 when a 19" robot is trying to get by, I think you will be in for a surprise. I'm just speculating here, but I expect the refs will want to see at least 24" clearance for robots to get by. Even an 17" wide robot needs 24" of clearance to turn 90 degrees to get access to the crater.