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  • WIFI Tampering

    There's an extensive section about teams tampering with other teams WIFI Direct channels in Game Manual 1. I would like to know how can we determine if another team is tampering with our WIFI? Our team and other teams had issues where we would have to re- init our robots throughout matches last year. This didn't seem to be an issue the year before.
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    We host a tournament and completed a pretty in depth test as to how to create WiFi interference and then in turn how to detect that such an interference has happened. In doing so we were able to send a command out via WiFi that disconnected the DS from the RC. We then had another system running Wireshark that was able to instantly pick-up the interference. In the FTA manuals it discusses this process and most tournaments should be running similar software to determine if an attack has occurred.


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      I built an IoT WiFi that could jam WiFi, not creating interference. I wonder whether they also check into WiFi jamming.