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  • Some General Game Questions

    My team has some questions about this year's game rules.[LIST][*][FONT=arial][B]How far does the robot have to be in the crater to be considered

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    [FONT=arial][B]How far does the robot have to be in the crater to be considered


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      ..."parked" during autonomous.
      Does the team marker act as a preloaded scoring element that can be outside the 18 inch cube at the beginning of the match?
      Can you preload the other team's marker?
      Can the team marker be removed from the depot after the autonomous period?
      Are robots allowed to launch scoring elements in an attempt to score in the depot even if they are not positioned in the Landing Zone?

      Sorry, our questions did not completely show up the first two times.


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        First, these are not official answers...

        Parked during autonomous: Parked is just motionless. "IN" on the other hand is break the imaginary plane perpendicular to the area. (see definitions pages 9 and 10 in the Game Manual Part 2)

        team marker outside the 18 inch cube: It can be outside the 18x18x18 (see G4 Page 18 Game Manual Part 1)

        Can you pre load the other team's marker: Just one Team Marker (see 1.5.1 Page 13 Game Manual Part 2). It didnt say your team marker, just one.

        Removal of the Team Marker: No, teams may not interfere with outer teams attempts to score (See GS2 Page 22 Game Manual Part 2)

        launching scoring elements: No, unless you are "in" the landing zone (See GS9)

        All of these questions can be answered by reading the game manuals!!!

        Single quotes seem to disrupt the post. Must be something within HTML...


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          Mike Rush:

          Thank you for answering our questions! We read the game manual but had some disagreements/clarification questions about these rules. As for the GS9 launching rule, we wondered if it was meant to cover anything or if the intent was to only disallow launching into the cargo hold, not the depot. We will try to ask the official forum about the GS9 rule and ask about the specific intent of this rule.

          Sincerely, the Ambassadors