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For autonomous, how far in crater to count?

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  • For autonomous, how far in crater to count?

    (could not access the official game Q&A section in the forum for some reason, so posting question here)

    Sometimes "in" just means barely crossing the plane.
    For end game, it clearly says there are points for being "in crater" 15 points vs. "completely in crater" for 25 points.

    How far in the craters do robots need to be for autonomous crater "parking" points? Do robots touching the black crater base but not over the peak count as "parking"?

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    Page 9, in definitions, CRATER mentions "OUTER EDGE OF THE CRATER RIM."

    Page 9 and top of 10, in definitions, crossing vertical extension of a defined area's BOUNDARY is INSIDE THE AREA.

    Page 14, in regards to autonomous score, Each robot IN a CRATER at the end of the autonomous period will earn 10 points for their alliance.

    Taking these 3 factors into consideration, my interpretation is that a robot with any portion (even just a corner) that breaks the vertical plane of the outer edge of the boundary of the crater rim counts as parked in the autonomous period. It would be nice to have official verification of this since the competitions are judged by earthlings and earthlings sometimes interpret things differently.
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      While this is not an official answer, part 2 of the game manual defines In as having crossed the vertical extension of an Area's boundary, Completely In as being entirely within the vertical extension of an Area's boundary, and Crater as an Area surrounded by the Playing Field Wall and the Outer edge of the Crater Rim. So for the robot to be parked in the crater it must break the vertical plane of the crater rim.


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        The Game manual part 2 provides a picture of what the crater rim is. It clearly point to the outside of the black plastic elements that make up the crater rim as the outside edge.
        Click image for larger version

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        As has been said before, this is not official so take it as an opinion...


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          Thanks for the replies. After watching the kickoff video, we saw that it looked like barely parking is fine, but the video is not official so just wanted to check. Wonder when the official Q&A will be open. Thanks again.


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            I am assuming from the way the terms are defined in the game guide that any portion of the robot, including some assembly attached to the robot, that breaks the imaginary vertical plane of the outer boundary of the crater rim will be considered "parked." Even if the main body of the robot does not cross that plane, if something attached to the robot extends over it, that should count since once game play starts the robot is no longer confined to the 18" dimension limit.


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              One of our test-bed robots has an articulated arm with a shoulder, elbow, wrist, and gripper at the end. It can be straightened and maneuvered so it reaches a long way from the robot itself, to pick up minerals etc.

              Sounds to me like we could park this robot COMPLETELY OUTSIDE the crater, and extend the arm so it reaches over the crater rim, a foot above the surface, with the gripper just breaking the plane. Presto, we are "in" the crater! Right?


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                Little-Acorn Yes, that is the definition of IN (any part of the robot that breaks the vertical plane above the game element) and is PARKED (not moving).