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  • 2nd Year Team with no clue

    We are a 2nd year FTC Team. Last year we purchased the robot kit and built the basic model. After going to competition we realize we need to upgrade! I know after designing and planinng for new year we will have specific parts to order for the Upgrade BUT Do any teams out there have a standard list of parts that they order each year as back-up parts?

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    Do you create your robot from REV parts or Tetrix? The list of parts ordered each year are very different based on how you plan to create your robot this year. In general, though, we'll order more of whatever was flaky the year before: motors, sensors, servos. If we had to cut anything (with Rev that's all you do) then we'll order more of that part since this year's robot might not need things of the same size. We also try, as grants will allow, to have at least a backup for the most critical items. If you're using REV Expansion hub, then have 3 of those (since you might need 2 for your robot, have one as a spare). If Modern Robotics, then a spare power module, motor controller, servo controller and core device interface is always helpful just in case. If you've already got 5 motor controllers (since 4 gives you 8 motors, which is the max), then you should be good.

    On the non-part side, we almost always need to get new things that seem to disappear after each year: allen wrenches, safety glasses, possibly a chain breaker (master link == badness), screws and nuts and other fasteners (they're always left on the field), etc.

    We've gone three years with the same ZTE phones, so we're going to be replacing them this year but there's no reason to upgrade those, just make sure you have at least one extra phone so you can either put the DS or RC code onto it for your competition (don't install both, just wait until you know which you need and have your software computer ready so it can push the appropriate code to the phone from the pit). Better yet, if you can afford it, have a complete spare set of phones, but make sure you copy over the competition configuration file from the primary phone since you don't want to have to re-create it on the fly.

    I hope this helps.

    -- Gordon.


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      At least one spare game controller would be advised, if not a set of two.