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  • Control Hub config files

    Teams wanting to replace an Expansion Hub (EH) with a Control Hub (CH) on an already-built robot, will need a different Config File. You can rebuild it from scratch (from the DS app), or use these steps, even on a loose/unattached CH.

    1a. Plug the existing RC phone into a laptop. Copy the Config File (BigBot.xml) from the RC's FIRST folder to the laptop. Unplug the RC.

    1b. Optional: rename that file to BigBotEH.xml. Make a copy, named BigBotCH.xml.

    2. Edit lines 2 and 3 of BigBotCH.xml with any text editor or XML editor, as follows:

    FROM (example):
    <LynxUsbDevice name="Expansion Hub Portal 1" serialNumber="DQ2ERJ8S" parentModuleAddress="2">
    <LynxModule name="Expansion Hub 2" port="2">

    <LynxUsbDevice name="Expansion Hub Portal 1" serialNumber="(embedded)" parentModuleAddress="1">
    <LynxModule name="Expansion Hub 1" port="1">

    3. Plug the powered-up CH (USB-C port) into the laptop. Copy BigBotCH.xml into the FIRST folder on the CH. Unplug the CH.

    4. From the paired DS phone, activate the BigBotCH config. Done!

    Having done this, your team may prefer to continue directly editing large Config Files, keeping a copy on the laptop. Can be a good reference for debugging, wire management, and programming.