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Modified Inspection Forms?

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  • Modified Inspection Forms?

    I'm in New Jersey, one of the Beta regions. Is the GDC going to issue "modified" hardware and software inspection forms for use in the beta test regions? Teams using the new Control Module won't pass the inspection as it's written on the forms.

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    I'm an FTA in New Jersey. As you probably know, FIRST always updates the Game Manual Part I after kickoff, so I would expect the Control Hub language to be added to the rules at that time. If that doesn't happen for some reason, and if FIRST doesn't issue modified forms to beta regions, the NJ FTAs will make accommodations -- no NJ team is going to fail inspection because the rules prohibit a Control Hub.
    John McDonnell
    Co-Mentor, Team 5873


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      We participated in the Control Hub testing last season here in New Hampshire, and there weren't any updated forms for us (nor did we realistically need them). Everyone knows we were a Control Hub testing team, the inspectors knew to process us differently, and it wasn't a big deal at all. Since the testing - even in the Beta regions - is fairly sparse, I don't expect we'll have any special forms for the limited-use situations we'll likely cause.