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    Originally posted by FTC7095 View Post
    We have been given a Mac Laptop and an older Airport to use by the school . . . since we we are an all Mac school and were given the Mac Laptop to use are there resources and instructions out there for Mac users.
    Macs are discouraged in FTC. The only mac thing you will find is that FCS beta. I am not sure about LabVIEW, but ROBOTC is only available for windows. All the competitions and scrimmages are run off of windows computers.

    Originally posted by Skinkworks
    I recommend using any SSID except for FTC_FIELD and FTC_PIT.
    We used the SSID FTC_FIELD with with encryption last year for testing, and we had no problem reflashing to the tournament wi-fi when we got there. This year, though, we are having some problems connecting to Samantha for testing. Not sure if the SSID is the problem or not.

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      Simulating the FCS using LabVIEW (no FCS /router set-up needed)

      Originally posted by FTC7095 View Post
      We are a rookie team and are very confused by the Samantha wifi. We have been given a Mac Laptop and an older Airport to use by the school. Our problems are the field control system says the following for Mac (Field Control System (Mac beta version - not for competition use)). Does this mean we can not use the Samantha wifi with a Mac and therefore can we not use a Mac to program our robot? We know the LabView software works fine on the Mac, but when we followed the instructions to flash the Samantha, then subsequently ran samostat from the NXT brick to the Samantha to get the IP, it says error. How do we troubleshoot this? Another question might be since we we are an all Mac school and were given the Mac Laptop to use are there resources and instructions out there for Mac users. Is it easier to set up a Linksys router even with the Mac?
      You can work without the FCS/router set-up that will be used at a competition. You will be simulating the FCS set-up when you are in your LabVIEW Project's RC Editor.

      Connect to your NXT (using bluetooth), and choose the 'Teleop' (not 'prototype') option in the RC Editor. You can run any programs that have been 'deployed' to your NXT (just like the FCS will be doing). Use the 'enable' and 'disable' buttons to activate/deactivate the robot. Imagine that 'enable' is just like the FCS starting the 'autonomy' segment. You can remotely 'shut down' the robot, like the FCS operator can when they need to.

      This is a valid way to test that your autonomy code was placed in the 'autonomous mode' template properly, and will work with the official (real) FCS at a tournament.

      The site has a thread that walks you through a few different ways to get the additionally required FCS vi's onto your brick: 'samostat', and 'Program Chooser'
      [Note: missing will not impact the 'simulation' I defined above, but missing them WILL cause you to fail your software inspection at the tournaments.]
      Here's the link:

      Hope this helps the LabVIEW teams out there, especially the Macs The tournament will be FLASHing your SAMANTHA for you, so no worries there MAC's.
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        Router a must have?

        Originally posted by FTC7501 View Post
        Do we need to buy a router to be able to operate our robot wirelessly using the Samantha module?

        If so, does the router need to be connected to the internet?

        Thanks for helping us rookies. Cathy
        Yes, to operate wirelessly using the Samantha Wi-Fi module you must have a wi-fi router (as described so well in ll the previous answers). However, operating wirelessly with bluetooth and simulating the FCS is okay for your regular meetings.

        If you are LabVIEW users you might like to read post #17 of this thread; I'm not sure how it works with RobotC. We have many teams in the Rocky Mountain Region that don't have their own router set-ups. They use bluetooth (and have USB only in some cases) at their meetings. As long as they come to the tournament with the additional vi's ('samostat' and 'Program Chooser') deployed, they're good to go.

        Warning: We have experienced that some autonomy programs behave differently when the Samantha module is connected to the NXT while using bluetooth for our communication. You might experiment with this. This season I believe that we might actually remove power from the Samantha Module when not using wi-fi FCS, to eliminate any wireless 'interference' it is generating.
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          Originally posted by Skinkworks View Post
          I really don't recommend using this SSID, since your Samantha will think that your home network and the field network are the same network. Your home network has no security, but the real field network will have security, and this might confuse the Samantha immensely. I recommend using any SSID except for FTC_FIELD and FTC_PIT.
          I completely understand your point, and will probably try a different SSID at school. At the same time, it has worked so far.
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            Thank you everyone! We were able to get the bluetooth working thru our computer. Thank you so much for all your help!


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              Do realize that at competitions, Bluetooth will have to be turned off near the arena or you risk a hefty penalty.
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