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Driving Over the Mountain

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  • Driving Over the Mountain

    For testing and for our Meet the Field we built a quick direct-drive bot with the 4" Tetrix Wheels. I was worried about traction on the mountain, but the non-skid tape makes a big difference. I was also surprised that going over the mountain did not alter the direction of the robot much if at all. Our robot went up and over every time without any problems. Gary Lindner - Coyote Robotics

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    That's some great news for rookie teams. No complex drive trains necessary!


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      we attended a scrimmage a few weeks ago, and teams that used regular wheels had just as much success as teams who used drive trains. the drive train really isn't that complex to put together, and it provides a more stable robot, less likely to be flipped, whereas the tires might not always make it over the mountain, and many times, we noticed that they would be caught in between the mountain and the bridge.

      either way, there was an equal success rate with the regular wheels and the drive train.


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        how long do you think a flimsy 4 wheel steer drivetrain will last against constant mountain crossings?


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          That depends on how flimsy it is. You could always stress test it: run it over the mountain lots of times, do a drop test, ram it into the wall, etc... The safest thing would be to strengthen it, though.


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            HOLD IT! no skid tape? if i remember correctly, adhesives are not allowed?


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              Originally posted by Spicey+Stripes View Post
              HOLD IT! no skid tape? if i remember correctly, adhesives are not allowed?
              The non-skid tape is on the mountian itself.
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