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  • Switching Teams...?

    Lets say if 2 out of 4 teams advanced, are we allowed to add people from other teams to join the teams advancing? Of course we're not going to have 20 people join the advancing team, but we were planning on adding about a couple of people/students to the 2 advancing teams for extra help because it would be helpful for the team.

    The Student Team Information Member System (STIMS) does allow for team members to switch, but I wanted to ask just to be sure because the rules do not SPECIFY if its allowed.

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    I have heard of a winning team bringing a defeated team along as a pit crew or as consultants. The extra team kept their team look and swag, but shared the pit with their host. Only the host team participated in interviews and matches, but as soon as something went wrong the consultant team was there and ready to help. Perhaps something like that would work for you...
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