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    Our team has the capability of hanging either one or two rings at a time. While generally hanging 1 ring at a time seems to yield more points (for line bonuses), other teams have started to hang defensive rings on our lines.

    I was just wondering what everyone else has experienced in the way of defensive ring hanging, and what you think about whether hanging 1 ring per peg is worth the risk of having your line broken.

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    If it takes about the same amount of time to grab one or two rings, then you might as well go with two, unless you're worried about using up the rings on your dispenser too quickly... You've probably also noticed that it's easier to collect (at least, with the "bucket" approach) from a full dispenser than from a near-empty one. Probably, a good strategy would be to place two rings on pegs on the first and second levels, but only one on pegs at the top level (since it's easier to defend the top than the bottom).

    This is entirely theoretical, however. I'd like to hear from someone who's dealt with offensive and defensive strategies in the heat of a match.


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      Hanging 1 ring on peg is worth it if your robot can consistently make multiple trips. Teams would always try to break our line bonuses by putting two rings on our pegs; however, we could simply go back and put two pegs on, regaining ownership.


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        Our robot can score at about the same speed for one at a time and two at a time, and I wish one at a time was faster. One at a time is very useful for line bonuses. If the board, for example, looked like this:

        It would be extremely valuable to score in left-bottom and left-middle instead of two rings on one peg.
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