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    My team is looking at the criteria for awards and are trying to figure out what is meant by 'incorporates industrial design elements.' Does this mean they used a CAD program to design? Or does it mean the actual things built on the robot or similar to what might be on an industrial robot? Or is it a combination of both?

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    I didn't really get this too much either, but it seems to me that overall aesthetic is what determines this- if your wires are neat and orderly, you've got nice-looking attachment points (ie no duct tape) etc.
    Our team did well at a recent qualifier in this category wholly unintentionally; our wires were neatly zip-tied around the robot to keep them out of the way and we used a lot of wood- one of our build team members is quite obsessive and made sure all these wood components were nicely sanded- but we didn't aim for any high marks while doing so. We didn't win any awards for industrial design but the judges made a note of it after the competition; they liked the robot. Always a plus, right?

    What your team should focus on, however, is the engineering notebook (extra emphasis) and robot performance. Those two things move you on, industrial design? Not so much.
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      Those two things move you on, industrial design? Not so much.
      Industrial design counts for Inspire Award. If you look at the winners of the Inspire Award's counterpart in FRC (Chairman's Award), those teams' robots are pretty beautiful, industrial design-wise.
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