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Is the playing field level throughout?

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  • Is the playing field level throughout?

    Is the wood panel suporting the rack in the middle raised at all? This may affect our control if it is not level. Thanks!

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    Yes. It sits on top of the mat, so their is a lip at the edge of the plywood. The plywood is not too thick, but I think that is is a full 1/2 inch or something like that.
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      Yeah; it can disrupt some driving operations (all-omni-wheel setups have trouble climbing onto it from some angles).


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        It's 1/2-inch plywood, I believe. On our field, the plywood has started to warp, and the corner is about an inch or so above the foam mat, which is really annoying for writing autonomous programs. Hopefully competition fields are in better shape than this, but I wouldn't count on that.
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