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  • Starting location?

    In the game definitions, it is stated that "The Robot may start in any orientation anywhere on top of the Platform". Is the team free to orient the robot prior to Autonomous mode or do the referees randomly orient the robot?

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    One member of the team places the robot in the designated area. In previous years the robot placement was more limited ... restricted to a small box. This year it seems like the game designers want the teams to have more freedom in robot placement. I have seen plenty of cases where the team member would carefully nudge the robot or rotate it slightly during placement. Depending on how the autonomous program works, a tiny error in placement could mean the difference between big points and no points at all.

    Make sure you have multiple autonomous options. I have seen situations where the alliance partners place robots without regard to what the partner is doing, and cost themselves points.

    The ONLY time a referee would ever touch a robot is after the autonomous period but before operator controlled period. In cases where robots have become entangled or a robot's wheels are off the ground, then a referee would make minimal adjustments to prepare the robot (or robots) to enter the operator controlled period.

    In very rare cases an alliance might invoke the right of last placement. I have only seen this happen once. Most likely it won't matter much this year because the only reasonable place to travel is down the ramp. The time I saw an alliance invoke the right of last placement was during an elimination match at the end of the day. The red alliance and the blue alliance kept watching each other and switching the robot placement and orientation in response to the placement and orientation of the other alliance. Eventually a referee told the team with the worse seed to stop doing that. The rules clearly indicate that the team with the better seed has the right of last placement.

    My advice would be to map out three or four autonomous plans and be ready to negotiate with your alliance partner before each match. I would not recommend leaping off the top of the platform, because it causes damage to the robot. Most likely your main concern will be if you are on the right or left and if you are pointing straight down the ramp or at an angle or whatever.
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      Please remember that an answer in this forum is great for discussion, but won't count if the answer in the "official" game q&a forum contradicts this one.


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