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  • End of Autonomous mode - moving

    I have a question about the end of autonomous mode but first can you read over one of the game manual quotes bellow
    <G9> A robot cannot pin another robot for more than five seconds. If a referee determines this rule
    is violated, the offending Alliance will receive a penalty and the offending robot may be disabled for
    the match. A robot cannot incur a pinning penalty during Autonomous Mode. If a pinning
    occurrence happens during Autonomous Mode, the first action done by the offending robot during
    the Driver-Controlled Period must be to back away from the pinned robot or a penalty will be

    Now at a competition we had our robot moved out of another robot at the end of autonomous mode multiple times. I would think we were supposed to back out of the robot but the ref pulled us out of the other robot. This doesn't seem right, what are your thoughts?

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    It's part of the "intent of the Game Design Committee" to untangle robots and flip them back over after autonomous
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      Thanks for the reply but I am still a little confused. I still don't see any mention of this in the game manual. Have they just not modified the game manual to include this yet or can you point me to a section that talks about this? One match we did flip over but were not put back up after the autonomous period.


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        You're right... my guess is that there was an oversight on the part of the people that wrote the manual. The FLL and FRC manuals clearly state that their respective Q&A's are the final say and hence are the definitive rules for the game. The FTC manual doesn't say that... however, most of us know that it is still the case: "what is printed in the Q&A overrules what is in the manual." Thus, the article referenced by coollog above is the deciding ruling.

        btw: The only time I've seen a robot not be righted after a flip in Autonomous was when they did it (unaided) by themselves.

        also BTW Keenan, congrats on your award in San Diego! We're thrilled for you!
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