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Cost of building competition field?

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  • Cost of building competition field?

    What would be the rough cost of building this year's game field from scratch?

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    Without buying the floor tiles or the field perimeter, it cost our team a little over $100. We also didn't buy the corrugated material for the stationary goal but priced that at about $20.


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      Do you believe the field perimeter to be necessary for the practice field? It's mighty pricey at Andy Mark.


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        It'd be a good idea to go ahead and get it. You'll be using it in future years, so it's not a waste of money. However, if you really are short on funds, you could make a decent one out of wood. The specs can be found here and also in the detailed field drawings:


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          I can vouch for the "PVC and hardwood" alternative - our team's field perimeter consists of 3/4" PVC and elbows, and masonite panels zip tied into the masonite.

          On another note, I made my own DIY IR Beacon last year, to offset the cost of having to buy them. It used an attiny25v microcontroller, 4 IR LEDs, 2 transistors, a 9v battery connector, a small piece of perfboard, and some clever, yet simple, programming. One way or another, the end goal is to pulse the IR LEDs with a 1200 Hz square wave. We implemented an 85% duty cycle, also known as "bursting" the LEDs, to increase the range.
          Ray Kholodovsky
          Electronics Department,
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