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Crate lifting vs ball collecting/sorting

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  • Crate lifting vs ball collecting/sorting

    What route(s) are teams taking? 3053 started with a collection and sorter based build, but we're moving to a simpler crate lifting build since we're short on funding and man hours. It seems if you can get the 4-5 magnet balls that can fit in the cup into the cup, that's well more than most matches we've seen played, but teams do get a lot better come regionals and then worlds. The tricky part with crate lifting is getting a lift that goes high enough and stays steady, plus that it's very easy to have something go wrong (other team defends well, crate slips off, etc) and be out all of your points.

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    Our team needs help with posting... we can reply to threads, but we can't post. What's up with that?


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      we did well
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