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Thread: We need your help!

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    We need your help!

    Hello fellow robot enthusiasts! We have a question for you!! In the manual it states that the robot cannot handle more than 15 balls at a time. Does this rule apply if the balls are in the crate stacked on top of the robot?? Hope to hear back soon! Thanks!

    Electronicus Duckus

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    Robots are not allowed to store, hold, control, contain, etc. more than fifteen (15) Balls at a time.
    Each Ball above the 15 Ball limit will receive a Penalty (5 points) and the Robot must pass a re-inspection prior to participating in another Match.
    Balls that are in contact with the Playing Field surface or are fully supported by a Ball Crate are excluded from this constraint.
    The ball-holding mechanism(s) of the Robot will be inspected before it will be allowed to play
    (i.e. if the ball holding capability of your robot can hold 16 or more balls, the Robot will not pass inspection).

    So basically you can put as many balls as you want in a crate, but only a maximum of 15 in the robot.
    Even if the crate is in (or on) the robot, if the balls are fully supported by the crate they won't count against the total.

    Please see official forums for official answers.

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    Thank you so much for your help!!!

    -Electronicus Duckus

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