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Thread: Continuous Rotation Servos not controllable?

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    Continuous Rotation Servos not controllable?

    We have tried to use the new continuous rotation servos with little success. We configure one of them as continuous rotation in the RobotC servo wizard--and it shows up as continuous rotation in the pragma--but any command to the servo of the form "servo[servo1] = value" causes the servo to start spinning at a constant rate in a fixed direction. There's no way to stop it without stopping the program.

    Has anyone had success with continuous rotation servos? Can you include a PRAGMA and program segment to demonstrate how you got it to work?

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    Never mind, works fine!

    Hooked up the joystick and was able to quickly sort through the range issue that I seemed to be having.

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    i have noticed after some experimentation that the continuous rotation servos did not change direction at positive or negative values, but somewhere in the 200's i believe? also it appeared that the rotation speed was based on the command "servoChangeRate[servo#] = desiredspeed" with a larger number indicating a faster speed... Does this information match up with your results?

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