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Thread: opModes Gone in FTC Driver Station App

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    Quote Originally Posted by Philbot View Post

    When the RC APP starts up, it searches for, and finds the opmodes based on the @annotations that have been put in the code.
    As it does this, it records everything it finds in the RC log file.
    If there is a change in AS, it may be changing the way is saves the Opmode Annotation information in the APK.

    It would be really helpful if you could save and send the logfiles for the working and not working Robot Controller Apps.

    You could delete the current log files, and just start up the RC app once, and then save out the log file.
    Then delete the log file again, build the BAD app and repeat.

    I know it's extra work, but it could really highlight the problem.

    I am happy to share the log files, but not until after SSR and or World's. We already lost two days trouble shooting this and needless to say I am not changing ANYTHING until we get done competing. Sure everyone understands that feeling. .

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    Team 8688 and 10614 (Jr. Vi-Bots) we had the same problem tracked it down to 2 things. When we updated to Android studio 2.3 the app wanted to up date instant run and also stated our version 23 for our package was to low and wanted to update to version 25. Once we did this we lost our opmodes on phone. We copied our jar files and rebulit our folders using gitHub repository, placed our jar files back in folders. Key point here when we restarted Android Studio version 2.3 we did not up date instant run or gradle to version 25 and all is working again.

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