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Thread: Newbie in Block Programming

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    this is what we came up with for a real quick autonomous mode. We just need a place to start and then just added and subtracted. its not real specific.but in the end we were able to modify and change things very quickly.

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    We had the hardest time trying to figure out how to add more motors until we realized what we were doing wrong. To those new to programming in Blocks, you need to build and configure your robot first before you can start programming it. If you want to use 3 motor controllers and 6 motors, they have to be plugged into the motor controllers and those motor controllers need to be plugged into the Core Power Distribution Module. Once that is done, configure that set up by naming all the motors what makes sense to you then you "sync" it to the phone which makes them appear in the browser based Blocks programming environment. Same is true for any modules, sensors, servo, etc. You need to configure the robot in the phone and refresh your browser before you can start using them for programming. Seems obvious now but we kept thinking we were missing something since none of the sensors or motors were showing up in the "Blocks"

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