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The protective mat over the gym floor, coupled with the FTC mats, created an environment rich for ESD events. It was heartbreaking to see so many dead bots in both divisions. Talking to teams, and our own experience was that bots ran perfectly fine on the practice fields where there was no underlay. Go out to the tournament fields and robots experience strange, not repeatable errors when contact was made with other robots, the metal ramp or the field perimeter. End result is a dead robot.
Looking at the competition fields, it appeared that they used brand new foam mats. In contrast, the practice fields appeared to have used foam mats that were likely used throughout this season; which means that the mats were possibly sprayed with anti-static spray at previous events.

If what another poster said is correct, the spray would be effective for up to 30 days after application.

Maybe the difference between the practice fields and competition fields had more to do with that than the underlay on the gym floor? Which would then really call into question the tournament directors' decision not to use anti-static spray. Just a thought.