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Thread: Range and alignment for center vortex shots

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    Range and alignment for center vortex shots

    I am mentoring 3 middle school FTC teams. They have all made different shooters capable of scoring in the center vortex, with fairly consistent trajectories. In FRC we frequently use flashlights to assist in setting range and alignment for shots, but I see the rule about focused light and assume that is out.

    Are there any other tricks commonly used in FTC to accomplish this goal?

    Thanks for any general pointer,

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    In FTC you have the foam tile floor which can aid in picking sweet spots for the shooter. I don't expect the center vortex to spin before the end game so things should stay consistent.

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    For awhile my students added a diagonal taped line to thier side panels, which, when lined up with the top spokes of the center vortex, would allow them to score.
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