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Thread: Miscellaneous Tournament Rules - Answer Thread

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    Holding Driver Station Phone during Teleoperated Period

    Quote Originally Posted by FTC9794 View Post
    Is the drive team allowed to hold the driver station phone and USB hub during the teleoperated period?

    Answer: Yes. There is nothing in the rules that prohibits members of the drive team from holding the driver station phone during the driver controlled period.

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    Miscellaneous Tournament Rules - Answer Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by FTC9978 View Post
    In the league meet guide in appendix R there are recommendations from FIRST of products to use on the mat for competitions:


    In climates when the humidity is less than 45%, FIRST recommends that Partners follow one of the actions
    below to reduce static buildup on the Robots:
    1. Use a commercial AntiStatic spray. We recommend ZERO Charge Anti-Stat or Staticide. We do not
    recommend Static Guard or other products meant for clothing.
    a. Tape the Fields prior to using spray.
    b. Spray the Field tiles at least 1 hour prior to Field use. Please be sure the area is well ventilated.
    c. Spray the Field tiles until they are damp.
    d. Allow the Field tiles to dry before use.
    i. Note: AntiStatic sprays will change the characteristics of the Field tiles. It is important to
    communicate this in advance to Teams in your Region.
    e. AntiStatic spray will need to be reapplied at every Competition.


    2. Use Water
    a. Add water to a spray bottle.
    b. Spray water on field tiles.
    c. Field tiles must be damp for this solution to be effective.
    d. Reapply every 10 to 15 minutes.

    My questions are:

    Will tournaments use something to mitigate static this season, such as anti-static spray, or water?
    If tournaments are using spray or water to mitigate static, is there a requirement that they use it for the whole season?
    The document created by FIRST provides two options (as stated above) for static mitigation. The “most effective” being staticide, and the second most effective being the water solution. The official answer from FIRST is that Affiliate Partners and Event Directors are able to decide whether or not to use either static solution. Some regions suffer more from static issues than others, and making an all or nothing ruling about static mitigation doesn’t serve the entire FIRST Tech Challenge community. There are pros and cons to both solutions, and the decision is in the hands of the Affiliate Partner or Event Director at all levels of events leading up to the State/Regional Championship Tournament.

    FIRST works closely with our Super Regional Hosts to determine whether or not the Super Regionals and World Championships will use these solutions or not. The decision will be completely for, or against, the use of these options. Teams attending a Super Regional or either World Championship will be notified of the outcome.

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