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Thread: Miscellaneous Tournament Rules - Answer Thread

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    Lightbulb Miscellaneous Tournament Rules - Answer Thread

    Answers to your questions about Tournament Rules that don't fall into the other established categories.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FTC7172 View Post
    What is the minimum number of teams needed to hold a "valid" League Meet? Appendix B of the League Meet Guide mentions "a 10-team (minimum) League Meet", but I can't find anywhere else that directly answers this question.

    For example, if a League has 10 teams, but on the day of the League Meet only 8 teams show up to the event (or only 8 teams have a robot that passes inspection), is 8 teams a sufficient "quorum" to proceed with the Meet and have those matches count towards the League Tournament?



    Thanks for your question! Ideally, every team in a League will compete in every meet, but we realize that sometimes weather or other unexpected circumstances can cause a team to change their plans and not attend an event. When that happens, we generally allow the event to continue, and the matches to count toward the League Tournament, even if there are fewer than 10 teams participating.

    If the circumstances warrant it, your local Affiliate Partner may decide to cancel or reschedule an event if they expect a low turnout. That decision would be made at the local level.


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    Pre-match: Using Gamepad During Init Phase to Set Up Autonomous?

    Quote Originally Posted by FTC8923 View Post
    During setup for a game match, teams set opmode for their autonomous program. The “Select OpMode” window easily gets cluttered with numerous autonomous OpModes. One idea the team had was to write a single autonomous OpMode that can be configured with a gamepad during the init phase of the OpMode. Assuming we don’t cause a delay of game, would this be legal for us to do?

    A: Yes, you can use the gamepad to select which branch of your Autonomous OpMode you will run for a given match as long as the following remains true: 1) The setting is read in the init() phase; 2) The pressing of the gamepad is done prior to the referees randomizing the beacons; 3) It does not cause a delay in the start of a match; and 4) The only button you press at the beginning of the Autonomous period is the start button on the driver's station Android device.
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    Miscellaneous Tournament Rules - Answer Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by FTC8548 View Post
    Just to clarify, does the ruling on the bill of materials from last year still apply? Our team was asked to provide a bill of materials at inspection at our last event even though the game manual still doesn't require a bill of materials. Thanks.

    Link to previous year's post for reference:
    You are correct, the same rules will apply. The bill of materials is not required to be filled out by teams prior to inspection. Teams are required to conduct a self-inspection of their Robot using the Robot and Field Inspection sheets located in the Game Manual Part 1. Teams should submit the completed inspection forms at tournament check-in or at another designated place.

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    Drive Team Coach

    Quote Originally Posted by FTC12102 View Post
    In the game manual it says that a drive team is made up of 2 drivers and 1 coach. Is the "coach" a team member who is verbally assisting the driver? or a literal adult coach of the team?
    The Coach as part of the Drive Team can either be a student team member, or the actual adult coach of the team.

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    Miscellaneous Tournament Rules - Answer Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by FTC5501 View Post
    1. Is the coach on the field with the 2 drivers able to write down notes or tally marks to keep track of the points that the other alliance is scoring while the match is going on?

    2. Is the coach on the field able to have a scenario reference chart on the field with them to determine strategy as the match plays out?
    A1: Yes
    A2: Yes

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    Miscellaneous Tournament Rules - Answer Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by FTC10432 View Post
    Is a bluetooth (speaker) allowed in the pit area? Rule T5 states No wireless communication is allowed. Does this apply to the pit areas, competition area or both?

    This would violate rule <T16> No live bands are allowed in the audience or Pit. No loud music, audio systems, whistles, banging sticks, blow horns, etc. are allowed. They prevent Teams from hearing important announcements. Power may be shut off and/or noisemakers confiscated.

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    Tablet Computer in Driver Station

    Quote Originally Posted by FTC11115 View Post
    Is a wifi-disabled tablet allowed in the driver's station area?
    It would be used for data entry and data analyses during a game.

    Team #11115 - Gluten Free
    Answer: No. Rule <G1> provides clear guidance that any device that may be mistaken by a casual observer to be a electronic communication device is not allowed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FTC1000 View Post
    If my robot loses connection in a match, and the Field Technical Advisor can prove that the problem isn't my code, my wiring, my battery, my robot controller battery, or my drivers station battery, can I ask for a replay of the match, since the lost connection is proven to not be a problem with my robot?

    Answer: Per <G25> there are two conditions that must both be met for a match replay to be granted
    1. A failure of a Game Element or verified Wi-Fi interference
    2. An impact that is likely to have affected which Alliance won the Match

    The failure described does not satisfy condition #1 and does not warrant a match replay.

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    Miscellaneous Tournament Rules - Answer Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by FTC7350 View Post
    If a match has to be replayed, based on a field failure (forgetting to start the 2-minute timer in Teleop), then:

    #1. Should the teams replay autonomous (based on the fact that the robots were in different positions after autonomous and had played Tele-op for 10 seconds before the error was discovered and play stopped, and it wasn't clear exactly where they had started from).

    #2. If they have to replay autonomous, do they have to position the robots in the same place and run the same autonomous routine, even if it caused a major penalty in the original autonomous run, or can they run whichever autonomous routine they want from whatever (legal) position they want to run?

    Answer #1 if a match has been determined to be replayed, it is always replayed starting with the autonomous period.

    Answer #2 The robots are not required start in the same positions. Standard robot set down order rules apply. (see <G2>).

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