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Thread: Can you update ZTE Speed Android version

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    Question Can you update ZTE Speed Android version

    We have original ZTE Speed Phones from last year's KOP.

    Game manual says "ZTE Speed version 4.4 or higher"

    Is there a way to update the phone's Android version?

    Not sure how to do this since that is normally done via the Carrier.

    Also has the ZTE Speed been validated on any version above 4.4?

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    Short answer, no. 4.4.4 is the highest for ZTE speed.

    Longer Answer:

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    Anyone out there can I get a straight answer on the phones. The manual says Moto G3...etc. for allowed phones. I have the ZTE Speeds and they will not take the latest updates on the phones now...What operating system is the latest? Jellybean, Marshmallow??????
    I need to get new phones and Best Buy is clearancing all the Moto G3 phones and few are available anywhere......
    The Moto G4 Play is available for $65.00 and has the Marshmallow operating system.....please for the love of all that's holy tell me what to do that won't freaking break the bank and be eligible.....Need to know quick as money is getting short.

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    Response (but not so much an answer) posted in the other thread where you posted the same question.

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