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Thread: Playing Field Setup - Answer Thread

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    IFI Field - Beacon Setup

    Quote Originally Posted by FTC7350 View Post
    Can you please add a drawing like the one under Step 6-9 on page 10 of the field setup guide for use with an old IFI field? It is not clear how to secure the beacon to the field perimeter.

    Please see the most recent version of the Field Setup Guide, version 1.3, that has been updated to include instructions and illustrations on how to mount the beacon to the IFI Fields and to the Logo Loc Fields.

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    Field Straps Required?

    Quote Originally Posted by FTC8045 View Post

    We notice a lot of 'beacon bashing' taking place and the walls flexing as a result of this. The new Andymark kits have straps under the tiles to help keep the wall in place, but they seem to be rarely used. We're also not sure if those support straps were part of earlier field perimeter kits. Can we expect the walls to be strapped together at official events?
    Tournament Hosts may use AndyMark, VEX Robotics, and the discontinued LogoLoc playing field perimeter wall kits for official FIRST Tech Challenge tournaments. The perimeter wall kits should be assembled and set up according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Modification to the playing field walls used at an official tournament must be approved by FIRST. Any item used to brace the field perimeter wall that is not part of the manufacturer’s playing field wall kit, whether it be a box of paper, weights, etc. is prohibited.

    The AndyMark playing field perimeter walls are designed with two straps that run beneath the foam tile mats to increase the rigidity of the playing field walls. These straps are required to be installed at official tournaments. Similar straps are not required for the VEX Robotics and LogoLoc playing fields because they are not supplied by the manufacture. Adding straps to the Vex Robotics and LogoLoc fields that are similar to the AndyMark playing field straps is an option that FIRST allows.

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    Playing Field Setup - Answer Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by FTC3758 View Post

    I'd like to be able to reuse the printed Vision targets between events in our league. I've heard from another event organizer that I could possibly use clear sheet protectors ( to protect the targets and prevent them from being destroyed by tape. I read in the Field Setup Guide that lamination is discouraged due to it being reflected. I'm wondering if these clear sheet protectors would also be too reflective, or if it would work.

    Protective sheet covers are not allowed on the Vision Targets. It is possible that the protector can add some reflections to the image that might make it harder to identify the target.

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    Beacon Questions

    Quote Originally Posted by FTC8526 View Post
    I have a couple of beacon questions. We do not have access to this year's beacon or to a playing field until closer to the tournament. We do, however, have last year's beacon. I have a few questions to help us with our build/programming.

    1) Is the size of the beacon the same as last year's? (i.e. is it 12.25 inches from the floor to the button when it is installed on the playing field?)

    2) If not, what is the height above the playing field to the buttons on the beacon?

    3) Is the button placement the same? (about 6 inches outer button edge to outer button edge?)

    4) Is the button style the same? (can it be pushed with a flat surface, not necessarily a finger-type push)

    Thank you for your information!
    A1 and A2: These questions were previously answered in Playing Field Setup – Answer Thread”, post #5.

    A3: The measurement between the buttons is 5.3”. See AndyMark’s website for the full print of Beacon measurements.

    A4: The Beacon button is the same as last season. Teams should be careful to design their robot in a way that can interact with the Beacon without causing field damage or flexing of the field perimeter walls. Please also see “Miscellaneous Game Questions – Answer Thread”, post #33.

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    Driver Stands

    Quote Originally Posted by FTC5501 View Post
    At our last tournament the drivers stands were just upside down storage containers that were about 16" tall. This became an issue as drivers had to kneel down to hit play, they couldn't read any telemetry data while standing up and if there were any connection issues they had to kneel down to work on them. Kneeling down wasn't too big of an issue as not seeing telemetry but in a game that goes so quickly that is just extra time spent not driving.

    Our questions are: 1. Is there any standard or regulation drivers stands that should be used? 2. Should each team be supplied with a drivers stand or can just 1 stand be supplied that the entire alliance shares? 3. Could we bring our own drivers stand to the field like the old ball tubes that were used last year?

    A1: Per the Field Setup Guide, we encourage our Affiliate Partners and Event Directors to use creative solutions that work best for them, while providing some guidelines of what types of stands to avoid.

    A2: There is no rule that states the Affiliate Partner or Event Director to supply separate Drivers Station stands for each team. They can supply either a stand for each team, or if another solution is available, a shared space for both teams on an alliance.

    A3: Teams may not bring their own Driver Station stands to the event; they must use what is already supplied by the Event.

    Please see part 10 of the Field Setup Guide.

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