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Thread: Supers to Worlds in 2017

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barry View Post
    Great Question! We've hit a couple of small speed bumps in the rollout of a waitlist program, but we're doing testing this week, and will have a system in place by Thursday. We'll add the details to the Team Email Blast that's scheduled for November 3rd. Since this isn't a first come first served list, teams will still have plenty of time to apply if they're interested. Sorry about the delay!

    No problem! I'll patiently wait until Thursday for the email blast and the system release!

    Wait, what day is it? :P

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    Thanks for your patience everyone! Check out the blog for our super easy World Championship Waitlist process and FAQ.


    Sorry about the delays! This is not a first come - first served waitlist, and we'll take applications until midnight in your time zone on December 31st.

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