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Thread: Parts Lists for FTC Tetrix Sets and New Team Parts Wish List

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    Parts Lists for FTC Tetrix Sets and New Team Parts Wish List

    We are a new FTC team and so far, the only robot parts we purchased are the ones that came with the base FTC kit. It looks like we will need many more componenets in order to have a competitive robot with spare parts. I was looking for a detailed part list for the Tetrix Lego Education Base Set and the Tetrix Resource Set but I could not find them. Does anyone know where to find an official parts list? I made an approximate parts list by itemizing the parts shown in the pictures of the sets. I created an Excel spreadsheet with the parts list from each set along with the unit price for the items purchased individually. If I did this correctly, The base kit that sells for $ 625.00 would cost $ 1039.20 for parts purchased individually. The resource kit that sells for $199.00 would cost $ 518.00 for parts purchased individually. So these sets are a great deal even if you only need about half the items in them. The second part of my question is what should be on a new Team's wish list of parts? My current wish list, in addition to the initial FTC base kit, includes:
    (1) additional Tetrix Lego Education Base Set
    (1) Tetrix Resource Set
    (1) Tetrix DC Motor Bulk Pack
    (1) Tetrix Servo Motor Bulk Pack
    (4) 4-inch wheels
    (2) sets of 4-inch omni wheels
    Does anyone have any other suggestions for "must have" items?
    I have attached a pdf version of my Excel file with the parts lists.
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    I am new to FTC as well and also need more parts. We also have a remote control but it is not wireless. Do you or anyone else know the best places to purchase additional parts OR am I limited to the Pitsco company? Thanks. ~G

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    Does anyone have any other suggestions for "must have" items?
    You must have at least three 12V batteries. You will drain them quickly in competition, so it is best to have three or so, with two constantly charging. Have some extra NXT batteries, too, since the NXT goes wacko below about 7.8V . The lithium NXT batteries are really nice, but not necessary (they last longer).
    Having some sheet Aluminum is good too, along with ABS and other common types of plastic. Since the plastic is almost limitless this year, it's best to take advantage of it. Pieces which would take many TETRIX components can sometimes be easily made from a bent piece of plastic.
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    You must have at least three 12V batteries.
    Does any one know if these batteries can be home made? And can they be used for the robot at the same time?

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    In competition, they cannot be homemade. The build rules say:

    <R03> Robot electronics are constrained to the following:
    Exactly one (1) of the following battery packs: 1) TETRIX rechargeable battery pack; or 2) MATRIX
    battery pack
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