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Thread: Summary Page in the Engineer's Notebook?

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    Question Summary Page in the Engineer's Notebook?

    This is my second year doing the Engineer's Notebook for my team, but I'm a bit confused about the Summary Page that's supposed to be attached to the front of the Notebook when turned in to the judges. I know you're supposed to highlight about 8 things that you flag in the Notebook, but what should you say on the Summary Page? Are you just supposed to list what those 8 things are? I haven't been able to find any examples, even in the sample Notebook on the FIRST website.

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    I know this thread is more than 2 years old, but I was looking for answers to the same question. So I am posting what I found for anyone else who comes along later.

    This came from Team 7588's webpage "FTC Tip #4: The engineering notebook":

    There needs to be a clearly marked “Summary Narrative” page right at the front of the book. This explains in a small handful of paragraphs (should fit on one page, think of it as an essay question on a test) who the team is, what they are trying to accomplish this year/season, what the strategy is for the current year’s robot/game, and finally, a final paragraph laying out thoughts about what the hoped for future of the team is will be appreciated. Be sure to mention prominently that you are Rookie teams, especially in the case of the Raptors and Ciphers (you have lower numbers that make you look like you’ve been around for a while). Drive this point home with the judges, it buys you a little leeway that you are going to need to have a chance against teams that have been around for 3, 4, 5 years (or more). Add information on Flagged pages that the judges should review to see the big days in your season.

    Their website had several tips worth looking at if you are new at this. This is our 2nd year, but our notebook last year was downright embarrassing. Trying to improve that for this year.

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