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Thread: The Robot - Other Answers

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    The Robot - Other Answers

    Answers to questions that don't fall under Electrical, Mechanical or Parts and Materials will be found here

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    Game Design Committee Member Raj's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by FTC5192 View Post
    how much can the robot weigh......

    A: There is not a rule on the weight of a robot.

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    Flag and Measurement Requirements

    Quote Originally Posted by FTC4982 View Post
    Rule <R4> specifies the 18" x 18" x 18" initial envelope for the robot. Rule <9> specifies the robot identification flag requirements. Is the envelope measurement taken before the mounting of the flag?

    The Alliance Flag is not included in the rule <R4> size requirement. The flag may extend outside the 18" x 18" x 18" envelope.

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    The claw

    Quote Originally Posted by FTC5303 View Post
    My team and I were wondering what is the best way to make a claw? <design idea deleted>

    The Game Design Committee does not answer questions regarding robot design or strategy. This Q&A forum is specifically for questions concerning the rules and play of the game. We suggest you direct your question to the FTC Community Forum.

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