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Thread: Judging and Awards Criteria

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    Lightbulb Judging and Awards Criteria

    Please reply to this post to ask a question about the Judging and Awards Criteria.

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    PTC Design Award

    Quote Originally Posted by 2010FTC2803 View Post
    To what extent is using PTC software required for winning the Design Award? We used Solidworks extensively for modeling every part of our design prior to fabrication and assembly. Is this going to make it difficult for us to compete against a team that did their CAD design using PTC software.
    This topic is addressed in section 7.3.3 of the Get Over It! game manual. The gist of the guidance provided to teams and judges is the use of PTC software is not required, however, special consideration should be given to teams who use PTC CAD products in the design of their robot.

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