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Thread: Linear slide legality?

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    Linear slide legality?

    The rules state that linear slides are legal:

    <R01> Only TETRIX, LEGO, and/or MATRIX preformed robotics components (i.e. gears, wheels, extruded
    parts) may be used.
    a. The following TETRIX components may not be used: R/C Controller (Product Id W34243 or
    W36117), R/C Receiver (Product Id W35496), Infrared Electronic Ball (Product Id W991458),
    DC Motor Speed Controller (Product Id W34244), Wireless Camera Kit (Product Id W37291),
    Autonomous Mounting Deck (W37799), and R/C Mounting Deck (W37663).
    <R02> In addition to the TETRIX, LEGO, and/or MATRIX components, teams may use additional materials
    to construct their robots providing they meet the following constraints:
    a. Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) assemblies are not permitted with the exception of the following:
    1. Linear Slides.
    2. Non-motorized Turntables and Lazy Susans.
    3. Lead Screws and threaded rod plus compatible nuts.
    4. Servo blocks (e.g. ServoCity Part # SB608SH and SB609SH).
    5. #25 chain and compatible connector links and half-links.
    The intent of <R02> is to augment the TETRIX, LEGO and MATRIX robot system kits with a few select
    assemblies/mechanisms that might be useful for this years game challenge. For the purpose of this
    rule, assemblies are considered to be component parts that have been fitted together.
    What is defined as linear slides?
    Are these defined as linear slides?

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    First, this is an unofficial answer. To get an official answer, post to the official forum.

    Next, I unofficially believe these are legal as raw material. 80/20 is allowed, and it is similar.
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    Are drawer slides legal linear slides?

    We want to use linear drawer slides. They're cheaper, linear, and will do what we need. In my mind it fits the bill as a linear slide but don't want to get to competition only to be told they can't be used. Can a drawer slide be used as a linear slide? Thanks

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    I went to flexstrut and looked at their products. Nice, but drawer slides would have a lot less friction. Can we get an offical word on this issue. My team is about ready to tackle this area next week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GForce1 View Post
    Can a drawer slide be used as a linear slide?

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