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  1. Critical Measurement for Flag Lift Crank
  2. Game Play clarification
  3. Scoring App
  4. Penalty loopholes
  5. Possession of a block?
  6. Field Set up
  7. Autonomous Block Queston
  8. Field: Flag Assembly
  9. Starting Position
  10. FTC Block Party scoring app (android)
  11. Help with Setting Up FCS
  12. Compilation of forum postings and part 2 of the Game Manual
  13. Field Perimeter dimensions?
  14. What is a good single team point total?
  15. Atonomous Period: Parking and IR Sensors
  16. Is this v-slot legal?
  17. Starting position of the robot
  18. Free Easy Scouting Sheet from Team 6209 Venom
  19. Autonomous Gripper Question
  20. Game strategy
  21. Basket Points (Autonomous & Driven) & FAQ
  22. Crank & Flag Pole Dimensions
  23. San Diego Qualifier #1 Match Videos Posted
  24. Coaches
  25. Blocking Vertical Access to the Scoring Pendulum
  26. Venue and Field Lighting
  27. WARNING! Infrared cameras
  28. Some questions about a RE-MATCH
  29. What Gear Ratio Are You Using For Hanging // Weight?
  30. Controllers
  31. Manually Adjust?
  32. Pre Competition Punch List
  33. A Quick Question About the Game
  34. Question About Placing the Robot
  35. We Did It! I am in Shock
  36. Another question about robot placement
  37. Requirements: What Does a Good Robot Need.
  38. Gracious Professionalism w/ regards to Rulings
  39. During the game: Controllers and Computers
  40. Students/Team Members as coaches?
  41. FTA assistance during a match
  42. Engineering Notebook?
  43. Let's talk about Safety - Not wearing Safety Glasses and other issues
  44. FTC Block Party Defense Strategy Question
  45. Scoring Matches - Webapp
  46. Block Controlling
  47. Victory in Munich Video
  48. Amazing Recovery!
  49. Block Party Scouting Sheet
  50. Initialize Robot
  51. Shovel/Clamp Issues. Any ideas?
  52. Question about combining TETRIX and MATRIX Parts
  53. Robot Hanging Rule
  54. Can someone explain the IR sensor in the Block Party game?